Setting course for the next 20 years

Setting course for the next 20 years

MARCH 2012

Under the leadership of its founder and Managing Director, Chris Brown, MCL has been thriving for the past 20 years, providing specialist consultancy and management services in the field of public transport.  Over many years MCL has gained a leading reputation in its work on travel concessions both in consultancy and in the out-sourced administration of concessionary travel schemes.

MCL’s market place has become highly competitive but unlike many transport consultancies MCL has not been badly affected by the recession.  The Company has, however, had to become leaner as a result of the changes in responsibility for concessionary travel – proof that the move to County Council responsibility has achieved savings in administration.  MCL is therefore preparing for the next 20 years which will see continuing change and new opportunities.  Says Chris Brown

“the world in which I have worked for the past 40 years or so has changed out of recognition and I think I now have to classify myself as ‘old guard’.  We have now started working with new Clients, new people and under new rules and this is an ideal time for me to step to one side, relish some memories and perhaps contribute in different ways”.

It is therefore time for a refresh at MCL and Chris Brown is handing over the reins to a new management team.  Anne Clark, an Accountant by profession and currently Director responsible for MCL’s management services will take over as Managing Director and John McKillop, a transport planner and currently Principal Consultant, will take on the role of Director of Professional Services.  The management team will be backed by a newly created advisory panel comprising Chris Brown who will continue to work with MCL in a consultancy role, focussing on transport planning and economics, Jacqueline Backhaus who will advise on legal matters and Geoff Neal who will provide important input on the technology front, a key element of MCL’s ongoing development.

Jacqueline has worked closely with MCL over the past few years in connection with Concessionary Travel Appeals and other disputes and is currently a partner with Trowers Hamlin, a leading firm of Solicitors based in London.  Geoff Neal is Managing Director of Euclid Ltd with whom MCL have also been working over a number of years to secure the supply of high quality smart cards, other ID products and the development of concession management software.  Anne Clark, MCL’s new MD, says

“the input from these highly thought of individuals will provide valuable guidance to MCL’s development and to the advice and services we provide to our Clients”.

The management changes at MCL are accompanied by a change in ownership.  MCL remains independent and will be part-owned by its employees, together with Euclid Ltd.  Whilst Euclid will hold a substantial stake in MCL, the employees, including the new management team, will hold the majority.