The following documents are either produced by MCL or are DfT publications

All our documents are available as downloadable files. If there is anything else you think would be useful, please contact us.


ENCTS Eligibility Guidance (April 2013) (PDF)

Change in Age of Eligibility_Guidance Note for TCAs (PDF)

Companion Travel (DfT Note) (PDF)

MCL Eligibility Notes (PDF)

Veterans Elibility Guidance (PDF)

Acts of Parliament

1985 Act Explanatory Notes (PDF)

1985 Act (PDF)

2000 Act (PDF)

2007 Act (PDF)


2012_13 Appeal proforma (Excel)

Guidance for appeals 2012-13 (PDF)

Summary of 2011_12 Appeal Determinations (PDF)

EU and UK Regulations

1986 Regulations (PDF)

2011 Regulations (PDF)

Eligible Services Order 2009 (PDF)

EU Regulation 1370_2007 (PDF)


Reimbursement Calculator 2020/2021 (excel)

DfT Reimbursement Guidance 2020/2021 (PDF)

Reimbursement Calculator 2019/20 (excel)

DfT Reimbursement Guidance 2019/20 (PDF)

Reimbursement Calculator 2018/19 (excel)

DfT Reimbursement Guidance 2018/19 (PDF)

Reimbursement Calculator 2017/18 (excel)

DfT Reimbursement Guidance 2017/18 PDF)

Reimbursement Calculator 2016/2017 (excel)

DfT Reimbursement Guidance 2016-2017 (PDF)

Reimbursement Calculator 2015-2016 (Excel)

DfT Reimbursement Guidance 2015-2016 (PDF)

DfT Concessionary Guidance for TCAs – FINAL (PDF)

DfT Consultation on reimbursement – Final Response (PDF)

Impact assessment of final reimbursement guidance (PDF)

Leeds ITS main research report (PDF)

Concessionary Bus Travel Reimbursement (Excel)

Reimbursing Bus Operators (PDF)


Concessionary Travel Statistics 2017 (PDF)

Technical Notes

Concessionary Travel explained (MCL) (PDF)



Technical Note 1 Calculation of the Normal Average Fare (PDF)

Technical Note 2_2008 Audit (PDF)

Technical Note 3_2008 Surveys (PDF)

Technical Note 4_2009 Additional Capacity (PDF)

Technical Note 7_2011 Estimates (PDF)