Professional Services

MCL offers comprehensive Services IN consultancy and research, Management and Administration in the public and passenger transport field, backed by a wealth of experience.



Consultancy and Research

MCL offers a comprehensive consultancy and research capability in the public and passenger transport field, backed by a wealth of experience.

This helps us to deliver best value in a wide range of project-based and partnership activities, including:

  • Fares and ticketing systems (including revenue apportionment)
  • Transport service development and planning
  • Bus network costing and analysis
  • Passenger information systems and strategies
  • Market and social research, exploratory and monitoring
  • Transport Impact and Assessment linked to development
  • Geographic analysis and presentation (GIS)
  • Market and system modelling
  • Needs assessment
  • Accessibility analysis
  • Management/system audits
  • Technology application
  • BSOG Claims and Auditing


Some of the areas where MCL have a particularly strong reputation include:

  • Concessionary Travel
  • Fares, ticketing and revenue systems
  • Bus network analysis and development
  • Market/Needs-based service planning
  • Development of rural transport services

Management and Administration


What are management services?

Put simply management services involve the operation of a range of administrative and/or financial procedures on an out-sourced basis.

MCL are market leaders in specialist Management Services, currently administering a range of concessionary travel schemes on behalf of County and Unitary authorities with over 89,000,000 concessionary journeys per annum.

To view areas where MCL is currently involved, please click here. Use of concessionary passes results in the need to reimburse some 270 transport operators to a value in the order of £112,000,000 per annum. Data in support of the reimbursement payments is processed and checked by MCL, leading to the calculation of payments due.

MCL’s Management Services contracts to administer concessionary travel schemes, include:

  • Collection of electronic ticket machine data and manual returns from operators
  • Processing of operator reimbursement
  • Monitoring and audit surveys
  • Financial administration
  • Professional advice on eligibility of both pass holders and services

  • Handling of challenges and appeals

  • Operator negotiations