Concessionary Travel: Updating eligibility guidance

Concessionary Travel: Updating eligibility guidance

FEBRUARY 2013 – The DfT have issued the following notice:

As you may be aware, Government is currently undertaking a significant review and reorganisation of its state benefit provisions.  As part of this it is introducing Personal Independence Payments (PIP) which, in time, will replace the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) in helping disabled people to live more independent lives.

The existing Department for Transport guidance to TCAs on determining the eligibility of applicants for the English Concessionary Travel Scheme recommends using awards of higher-rate mobility component of DLA (HRMCDLA) to evidence automatic eligibility for the pass in certain circumstances.  To ensure that its guidance remains of use to Local Authorities, and that automatic eligibility can continue being “passported” from relevant state benefits, the Concessionary Travel team has updated the document to reflect the upcoming changes.

They are asking for comments on the revised guidance by 11th March. Please see the draft documents here:

Eligibility Review

Eligibility Changes Summary