Concessionary Travel Scheme Administration Activities

A typical Management Services contract for the administration of a County or Unitary concessionary travel scheme would involve the following:

  • advice on the supply of all scheme materials including a fulfilment arrangement for smart cards and concession management software
  • provision of technical support and advice to Travel Concession Authorities about the Scheme, including negotiation with operators
  • assessment of claims and challenges made by operators
  • management of appeals and other disputes with operators
  • provision of means of collecting relevant data from operators
  • integration of new technology in data collection
  • operation of the reimbursement claim system
  • maintenance of a register of eligible transport services
  • measurement and checking of gross revenue foregone
  • calculation of reimbursement rates and other DfT Calculator factors
  • calculation of net revenue foregone and marginal additional costs
  • assessment of additional capacity cost (PVR) claims
  • notification of payment of reimbursement
  • general liaison and support to transport operators in respect of the scheme
  • maintenance of management accounts for the scheme
  • management and supervision of monitoring surveys
  • preparation of annual reports
  • annual review of the scheme expenditure
  • quarterly forecasting and reporting
  • general advice and guidance in the running and development of the Scheme


Note – some of the above tasks may be in addition to basic contract provisions